Another Veteran Black Activist Jailed for Refusing To Testify

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San Francisco Judge Dondero ordered another Black activist, Hank Jones,to be jailed for contempt for refusing to give testimony before a state grand jury allegedly investigating activities attributed to the Black Panther Party over 30 years ago. Ray Boudreaux has been held since August 29th for taking a similar stand despite a lengthy hearing that included testimony from attorneys Carol Smith and Soffiyah Elijah about the history of government Cointelpro attacks against the Black movement and specifically how activists were tortured in New Orleans in the 1970s to gain information. The same judge ruled that Boudreaux had no basis for mistrusting California Attorney General's offers of immunity. Ray Boudreaux and Hank Jones both refused to cooperate because of the coercive and punitive nature of the grand jury proceedings. Ar least two other Black activists, Harold Taylor and Richard Brown, are scheduled to appear in the next several next days and will likely not cooperate.

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