18 JANUARY 2005

Welcome to "Attica to Abu Ghraib" Conference

Friday, April 22nd & Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA

Torture, illegal detention and other human rights abuses have always been weapons used by the US government to crush resistance. Today we see a terrifying escalation in that repression, whether against Iraqis and Afghans half a world away—or immigrants, prisoners and political activists here at home.  Our strength lies in building on the experiences of those who resist-here in the US, in Latin America, Palestine, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and in countless communities throughout the world.

We want to involve as many organizations and voices as possible in the planning process.

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Focus Areas

To meet the goals of this overall initiative we have divided the conference program into two broad areas of focus & analysis. Each area is a key component of the workings of U.S. empire domestically & internationally, & provides a focus for linking movements within & outside the U.S. to more effectively resist imperial strategies of repression, criminalization, & assaults on sovereignty.
Our aim is to formulate strategies & concrete plans from the analysis of these focus areas to unite domestic & international organizations in the pursuit of successful anti-imperialist campaigns:

1. Policies of Repression:

The systematic refusal by the US government to apply the Geneva Conventions to domestic & international political prisoners & prisoners of war.

The policy of criminalizing &/or falsely labeling resisters as "terrorists" & the equation of all forms of resistance with criminal activity or acts of terrorism.

The systematic use of racial profiling, mass incarceration, domestic militarization, torture & sensory deprivation to criminalize oppressed peoples & peoples’ struggles, and as instruments of repression.

The systematic use of grand juries, secret detentions, secret evidence & deportations to repress dissent & to avoid civil & international law.

The international promotion of legislation & policies modeled on CointelPro & the Patriot Act.

The training & promotion of torture & terrorism, including the production of instructional courses & manuals in how to use torture as part of counterinsurgency operations, provided by the US to its allies & proxies
(such as the Taliban in Afghanistan & the Salvadorian Army).

2. Policies of Hegemony:

Undermining the sovereignty & self-determination of nations, including the illegal overthrow of legitimate governments through coups & invasions (e.g. Chile, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Haiti) as well as the ongoing subjugation of oppressed people inside US borders.

The support & defense of dictatorial regimes (e.g. Israel, Chile, Argentina, the Philippines, Zaire) that have systematically violated the human rights of people within their borders and/or occupied territories.

Providing sanctuary convicted war criminals, human rights abusers, & terrorists, including exiled Cuban-American mercenaries & death squad leaders from Guatemala, El Salvador, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Chile, Angola, the Philippines & Haiti.

The privatization of war & security operations, specifically the increasing use of "contractors" to conduct wars & run prisons.

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