Dedicated to the spirit of the Black Panther Party

Diann Iyanna Gwinn

Revolution Love Song


Like an angel-warrior you descend

Transforming cold doom

Into drops of sweet water

Nourishing my thirsty soul.

Welcoming arms, sincere and kind

Relieved hungry bellies and fed starving minds.

Believed in the children and kept them from harm.

Welcoming arms, breathing and warm

Relieve my pain and heal my wounded heart.

Holding me close you whisper in my ear,

"Your skin's so soft . like butter, baby".

I melt like sweet sap flowing from a sugar tree.

Thrills of joy wave over me

As you cradle my breasts, so tenderly

With hands still strong

Yet heavenly.

Once clutched a Smith & Wesson

With the same sense of purpose

To defend and protect the people

So valiantly!

For tonight the revolution rest

endlessly patient

silent and wise

She knows tomorrow comes all too soon.

As the new day dawns

We rise up together renewed

Singing in perfect harmony

In one voice, clear and pure

"All Power to the People!"

"A Luta Continua!"

As the struggle continues

So that one day we all may breath free!

Diana "Iyanna" Gwinn

In memory of Gary Webb, courageous investigative journalist, who exposed the U.S. Governmentís complicity in the crack cocaine epidemic.

For the children, our hope for the future.



Steals the money for her new-born infantís formula

Chasing the next hit...BOO-YAAAA!

Was it worth it to ya?







Shamed with lies, deceit, hypocrisy.

Blinded by confusion

Vicious circle of illusion

Told sheís just a bitch...

A crack ho.

Too numb to feel her spirit dying

Too blind to see the systemís lying

Doesnít know which way to go

Doesnít hear her babyís crying.

Babies crying

Babies dying

Donít you hear the babies crying?

Babies crying

Babies dying

Canít you see the babies dying?

Diana "Iyanna" Gwinn

Rivers of Blood Flow through the Corporate Spine

On a conveyor belt of carnage and death

Flag-draped coffins glide silently by,

Hidden from view.

Sacrificial lambs fed to the false god of insatiable greed and endless war;

Endless war for endless peace.

Corporate spin-zone kicked the "Vietnam Syndrome"...

No body bags this time around.

Trapped in 1984, conditioned, unthinking, ignorant drones

Dwell in fear in their living tombs.

Wolves wrapped in red, white and blue

Battle dark-skinned phantoms.

Emboldened by our silence and indifference to life

Rivers of blood flow.

Rivers of blood flow through the corporate spine

Immortal machine, shiny, cold and clean.

Out of sight and out of mind.

Rest in peace till the end of time.


Diana "Iyanna" Gwinn