Federal hearing rescheduled, Bowman hearing Today!

Federal hearing rescheduled, Bowman hearing Today!


John Bowman, "JB", is one of our strongest, most dedicated freedom fighters. I know him personally. Tortured unmercifully in New Orleans 3 decades ago, he is now being subpoenaed to "snitch" in a case that is 34 years old -- the assault on the Ingleside Police Station in the wake of George Jackson's assassination!! This is nothing more than a witch hunt designed no doubt to intimidate, harass, and send a message to our "young lions" and potential liberators that this is what happens to you if you stand up against this rotten, racist system. Many of you will not be able to get to the courtroom, but you CAN send letters, emails, etc., to call a halt to this outrage of rounding up our elder soldiers and incarcerating them. A few have already been returned to prison to serve life sentences some 30 years beyond the alleged "crimes." We know who the real criminals are. They're on Capitol Hill. Prosecute them!

The hearing in Federal Court in front of Judge Henderson, originally scheduled for this morning has been re-scheduled. Stay tuned for when the challenge to Judge Dondero's holding Ray Boudreaux in contempt will be heard. Boudreaux continues to be held in the SF County jail on contempt charges stemming from the Grand Jury.

John Bowman, a Black activist and former Black Panther, is scheduled to go before California Superior Judge Dondero on Today at about 2:30 pm, Polk & McAllister. He is likely to be jailed for refusing to cooperate with a State Grand Jury investigating a 30-year old case. Four other activists are already in jail for doing the same. This is a public hearing and people are encouraged to attend to lend support to him.

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