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Dedicated to the Black Panther Party

On Thursday, October 30th, 2003 the East Coast Chapters of the Black Panther Party celebrated the 37th Anniversary of The Black Panther Party held at The Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Center in downtown Manhattan. This celebration was dedicated to the fallen comrades in general and Safiya Asya Bukhari in particular.

In attendance were movers and shakers in the likes of Pam Africa (MOVE), Jamal Joseph (New York Panther 21) and Kathleen Cleaver (Black Panther Film Festival) just to name a few of the over 300 supporters smiling and celebraing throughout the entire program.  Yeah, it was hot and heavy up in there.

Fallen Comrades


Walking through the door I automatically felt the better side of tension throughout the room. The first signs of a "good night" were the smiles on peoples faces as they hugged, shook hands, posed for pictures, scanned the room for well-known faces and definetly the consumption of food prepared by Holland House. Artwork was set up around the auditorium of fallen comrades in action at rallys and demonstrations. My favorite was of the Panthers "Holding the Line", standing shoulder to shoulder keeping police out and whatever they were protecting, protected. A sense of unity was absolutely present the entire night.

All attention was on the stage where the first stint of entertainment was provided by Phyastartah who enhanced the energy level among the comrades by reciting a poem that received applauses during and after she was through. Yeah, she admitted she was nervous and that she felt she had been practicing for this moment her whole life.

Big UP! to Phya, Christ Is and Malachi for sharing their poems/pieces with a room FULL of people who came to keep clear the reason of why they are a part of a UNIT.  Films were shown, prayers were spoken, ancestors were remembered and messages were shared. EVERYONE had a memorable experience. The BPC (Black Panther Collective) and Bullwhip presented Wanda with a painted portrait of her mother, Safiyah Asya Bukhari. That and the words of Pam Africa, I felt like those were the high's of the evening.

This Memorial, Celebration and Anniversary happened to be the first organized by the East Coast Chapter. (usually hosted by the West Coast Chapter) Can you say EXPANSION! The turn out was better than expected, I know because they ran out of programs and almost out of T-Shirts and definetly out of food.  Me, well I signed up to volunteer for the 2004 Black Panther Film Festival and I sure as heaven am anticipating next year's anniversary where hopefully the two chapters will meet and the smiles and tension will be greater and harder to take one's focus away from.

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Black Panther Party (East Coast Chapters)
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