Hey everyone.  Just got off a conference call with Congressman Conyers who visited with Herman and Albert yesterday and was extremely impressed with them and now dedicated to getting them released.  There are other Louisiana congresspeople who are calling on the governor to pardon them and Rep. Conyers will be going back and trying to expand the recent flurry of press coverage.  Herman and Albert are on cloud 9 and are being transferred out of CCR into a dorm setting on Monday.

These are amazing developments after 10 years of struggling to get someone to listen.  Unfortunately, it shows that it takes money and powerful connections to get justice in America!!  Too many others are not as fortunate.

The groundswell is building.  There will be a piece on CNN next week, LA Times and Conyers is trying to get on Oprah.  Will keep you posted.  If you haven't signed onto the petition for their release, go to Angola3.org

Peace, gail