We welcome Emory Douglas back from his 6 week visit to New Zealand. Emory also had a wonderful art exhibit there. Emory will give a report back @ the celebration at Laney on the 24th. He also has brought back a 30 minute film from New Zealand which will be shown @ the Film Festival at the W. Oakland Library on the 17th.

A Family member  from Oscar Grant family will speak about their  family's situation.

Sultan Ahmad will MC the celebration on the 24th @ Laney. Sultan was once known as " Big Herman".

Many comrades are coming from out of town for this event and to celebrate Bobby Seale's birthday.

Melvin Newton, Huey's Brother will speak

Oral Histories will be done @ the celebration: Dr. Tolbert Small from the George Jackson Clinic, Ducho Dennis, the BPP Photographer, Aaron Dixon from the Seattle chapter.

Cec Levinson former member of the Huey P Newton Defense committee and ICCF leader in Berkeley. They put the Community Control of Police Issue on the Berkeley Ballot in 1971, Cec will speak at the BPP Women's event @ the main library on the 15th

More info when it comes in