As part of BPP History Month, It's About Time will host a book fair @ Pangaea Cafe located @ 2743 Franklin Blvd. The Book Fair will be 2-5pm on Sunday October 25th. Some of the authors will be:

Robert H. King, a former political prisoner for 29 yrs. in Angola  Prison, he is a member of the Angola 3. and will be talking about the making of his book " From the Bottom of the Heap". It was well written and has a good flow.

Orissa Arend, a writer from New Orleans, whom book "Show Down in Desire" is about the BPP stand in New Orleans. A very interesting book.

Elbert" Big Man" Howard: Whom was an original Panther, joining at the very beginning, he went to College @ Merritt with Huey and Bobby. The the National spokesperson for the BPP. His Book " Panther on the Prowl, tells that story.

Skip Shocley: New book "Mother's Son" is about the battle against Sickle Cell anemia, which Skip has, he fought against the disease while a Panther doing Sickle cell Testing in the Black communities of America.

Dr. Curtis Austin author of Award winning book" Up Against the Wall" will be in town to talk about his 10 years of research in writing his book.

Call Billy X for more info 916-45-0908