Seth is another political prisoner, Black Panther Party member out of Harlem, NY, who like so many others was taken off the streets for serving the people and fighting for their liberation.  Nearly all the prisoners of war and political prisoners have now been incarcerated for around 40 years!!!  Enough is enough!  We must join together and fight harder for their release!  Power to the people! KN


Fri, 15 Mar 2013 12:17:58 -0400


Nate Buckley

Greetings everyone and especially supporters of Seth Hayes. Seth was "hit" again at the Parole Board for the 9th time. The reason given was the same reason given, for previous 8 parole board appearances "due to serious nature of the crime." Seth was given a risk assessment last year and it came back very low, Seth has had a great work record, discipline record, a family. Seth is also a Vietnam veteran, with purple heart. This reasoning has nothing to do with rehabilitation, with the community in mind, his family, nor mentioning the 15 year life sentence he has served past the mandatory 25. Seth now in his 60's has been incarcerated since 1973, he is now in his 40th year of incarceration! Seth is not the only one either, the Department of Corrections and the Parole Board have much interest in keeping inmates inside. (Particularly people who are conscious and fight for Black liberation. -ed) There is big money in prisons. More to come in the future.




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