Hello A3 Supporters,

 Sorry, I didn't get this out in time for xmas.

 Albert and Herman were returned to CCR - their new addresses are:

 Albert Woodfox Upper A5
 Herman Wallace Lower C3

 The legal team is working on a response to these recent retaliatory  
 actions by the state.

 They both send their best wishes to their supporters.  Herman asked  
 that we post the ARP (see below) he filed while in the dungeon and  
 his thoughts on these recent actions by the State.  We're also  
 attaching a link to an article that Ira Glasser wrote for the  
 Huffington Post "Christmas Day in a Louisiana Dungeon"


 Herman Wallace v Burl Cain, Warden
 November 24, 2008

 This is a request for administrative remedy emergency.


 On November 13, 2008, I, Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox were  
 escorted to the prison dungeons and were only allowed to have legal  
 documents in our possession. Absolutely no underwear or additional  
 clothes to fight off the cold weather, or socks to protect our  
 ankles from being torn by the metal restraints.

 After approximately thirty minutes of placement in the dungeon,  
 Major Michael G. Vaughn (Investigator) brought me a disciplinary  
 report charging me with violating Rule 30W. (General prohibited  
 behavior) which states verbatim:

 â€ś Inmate Herman Wallace 076759 is being placed in administrative  
 segregation for violation of Rule 30W- General Prohibited Behavior,  
 Pending further investigation.”

 On November 17th 2008, Petitioner was brought before the  
 disciplinary board, his name and prison number were entered into  
 the record and was soon after told that the matter was “deferred  
 for full and complete investigation by Major Michael Vaughn”.

 On this 24th day of November, 2008, Petitioner remains in the  
 dungeon stripped of all rights and privileges.  I have been  
 relegated to additional punishment by being placed in “black box”
 restraint every time I am out of the cell I am now assigned to.   
 All personal phone numbers have been removed from my prison phone
 list with the exception of attorney phone numbers.

 On November 18, 19 & 20, my attorney did visit with me and needed
 to know the nature of what I was being charged with in order that I  
 might be properly represented.  I could not tell them, because it
 was never told to me. Eleven days have expired and I am constantly  
 being punished as a harassment tool under the guise of declaring a  
 full and complete investigation.  This investigation comes with no  
 time limitation and thereby circumvent any constitutional right  
 this petitioner can rely upon.  Therefore the question for this  
 matter must rest on the premise of whether a prison regulation  
 affecting a constitutional right that lacks a valid rational  
 connection to a legitimate governmental interest withstands  
 institutional challenge?

 Petitioner avers that he has a constitutional right to be fully  
 notified of all charges being brought upon him within a period of
 72 hours.  (Wolf v McDonnell- 418US539). Anytime a prison  
 regulation offends fundamental constitutional rights that guarantee  
 Federal Courts with no exceptions must protect those rights.  See
 Priucuiver v Martinez (416USet405-40694S.Ct.1800.) In light of the  
 matter more favorable  of the defendant being free to define and or  
 redefine various types of punishment and deprivation. Petitioner  
 argues that those justifications must be consistent with the 8th  
 Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,

 1.    To be placed in the prison dungeon and 2. reduced to black  
 box 3. and stripped of all personal phone calls are all consistent  
 with DOC policy for punishment.  However, the problem we face is  
 that petitioner has not yet been properly charged, nor found guilty  
 of having violated any institutional rules yet three forms of  
 punishment have already been imposed.

 The above set of punishments are within the meaning of the 1st, 8th  
 and 14th amendments.

 The rule and practice of 30W is shown to be a violation of those  

 Consequently Petitioner’s 1st, 8th and 14th Amendment challenge  
 must prevail.


 After eleven days of dungeon punishment and counting the petitioner  
 is not being told the initial cause for placement in the dungeon.
 If that cause warrants placement in the dungeon the petitioner  
 should have been notified. Holding the petitioner in the dungeon  
 while DOC authorities go on a fishing expedition to find or  
 manufacture dirt to justify their actions further violates  
 petitioner’s constitutional right and particularly in violation of  
 constitutional prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment.


 1.    That Petitioner be immediately released from the dungeon
 2.    That all charges or potential charges culminating from this
 investigation be dropped and expunged from Petitioners prison record.
 3.    That Rule 30W be discontinued as a use for disciplinary purposes
 4.    Petitioner be compensated for pain and suffering

 Respectfully submitted,

 Herman Wallace
 Done this 24th Day of 2008

 Camp C, Tiger Unit
 Louisiana State Penitentiy


 If Guantanamo Bay has been a national embarrassment an symbol of  
 the U.S. governments relative to charges, trials and torture, then  
 what is being done to the Angola 3, specifically, Herman Wallace  
 and Albert Woodfox is what we are to expect if we fail to act  
 quickly.  We must organize and focus our attention on the main  
 culprit, the Patriot Act, it’s a terrible piece of legislation and  
 we must demand that it be the very first to be repealed.

 The government tries out it’s torture techniques on prisoners in  
 the U.S. – just far enough to see how society will react.  It  
 doesn’t take long before they unleash their techniques on society
 as a whole. What was played out on the streets of Seattle had  
 already taken place in the prisons of America.

 As of this writing Albert and I are still being held in the dungeon.